Friday, September 17, 2010

Coffee, Tea, or..... Water???

Yes, that is a play on words from the book published in 1967 about stewardesses.

A few months ago, on a really hot summer day, I purchased a large Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee at JFK. I was on my way up to my gate, and had always been allowed (as a working, uniformed crew member) to bring liquids through security. The coffee cup just had to go through the x-ray machine, like everything else. I had it down to a science though. I'd wedge my coffee in the plastic bin next to my small carry on bag, and it wouldn't budge!

However, this was not to be my day.

As I was securing my coffee, the TSA agent on duty (not so politely) informed me I couldn't put my coffee cup in the plastic bin. (I guess they'd changed the rule because liquids had spilled from not so careful crew members before me... ugh) Needless to say I sucked my coffee down as quick as I could because you just don't throw away a Dunkin' Donuts iced coffee! I was then on a hunt for a travel coffee mug that could hold either hot or iced coffee.

Not an easy task!

Then, a few weeks ago, I found these great stainless steel travel mugs that you can personalize. You can put your own personal photographs inside, cute scrapbook paper, or fabric. The options are endless!

The inside of the mug is stainless steel and holds 16 ounces, and the only drawback is that I can't fit it under my Keurig coffee maker. {bummer} I've been using mine for a little over two weeks now, and am in LOVE! I put my coffee, cream, and sweetener into the mug, close the lid, and turn it over to blend. It doesn't leak! It's great! One little trick I do, too... I'll rinse out the inside of the mug with really hot water before putting my coffee inside, and it stays SUPER hot for a really long time. ~ I'm not sure about you, but I tend to start "creating" shortly after I start my coffee, and tend to walk away from it. I usually end up putting it over ice later, but not with this mug, it'll stay hot long enough for me to get back to it!

This is the one I made for myself.

And the lid options that let it go from holding "hot" to "cold".

And a few others that I've made.

Very cute, right?

They are now available to custom order at my etsy shop. They make great gifts for back to school, and the holiday season is fast approaching!

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  1. Love them! Thanks for the cute one for Ashton's birthday.