Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Half a year!

Here we are, nearly at Michael's seven month birthday, and I've yet to post his six month photos! The saying time flies when you're having fun... very true... especially when I'm also two full months back to "flying" again. I work as a flight attendant, but am VERY lucky that with my seniority (14 1/2 years) I'm able to work two day trips Monday-Tuesday and a one day trip on Fridays... my fabulous in-laws are always on hand when I'm away. Between running my etsy shop, flying, being a wife, and spending as many precious moments with this little guy as possible, I clearly have neglected this blog.

Here are some of the pictures from our monthly photo shoot.

At his six month checkup, he was 20 pounds 10 ounces, and 29 inches! He is already wearing 12 month clothes, and I was sad to learn that a pair of NINE month pjs I purchased last year while pregnant that were for "baby's first christmas" didn't even come close to fitting!!!

As of tonight, December 28th, his top two teeth have cracked through his gums, bringing his tooth count up to FIVE!

He loves to jump when you hold him up in a standing position, but seems to not like his jumparoo as much as he did even a few weeks ago. No real crawling yet, but he is getting up onto all fours and rocking a lot. He also does the backwards scoot pretty well, but gets annoyed that he's going in the wrong direction.

Please slow down little man...

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Five Months and we have


Michael's first tooth popped out on October 22nd. A date I'll always remember, because it's my father's birthday! His second tooth broke through two days later. Poor guy has been trying to maintain his cheerful personality through all of the pain. It breaks my heart.

I continue to make monthly bodysuits to match the saddlecloth colors and numbers of the horses... in case you missed the "why" - check out this post.

Here are the pictures from his FIVE month photo shoot.

Daddy tried to prevent the toppling....

He LOVES being on his tummy!

This picture could either be captioned "Who me?" or... "Could I get a little privacy mom???"


Loving the big wet open mouth kisses we are getting these days. Except when he leaned in to give me a "kiss" on my nose and BIT DOWN.... OUCHIE!!! Not so cute.

We also started "solids" a few weeks ago. So far Michael has had oatmeal, bananas, and sweet potatoes.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

cutest pumpkin in the patch

Earlier this month we took Michael to the pumpkin patch. After a VERY rainy summer here on Long Island we'd been warned that the pumpkins were pretty moldy and gross this year... but I had high hopes of getting a cute picture of Michael sitting in a field of pumpkins, or maybe holding an itty bitty pumpkin.

Before we headed out, I changed him into an adorable bodysuit that I embroidered for him and this sweet hat that my mom made.

It was a 14 mile drive to the pumpkin patch, and about a 1/2 mile into our drive, this is what our pumpkin looked like!

My sister-in-law gave him that cute bib. It says "My Aunt is HOT and single" and cracks me up!!

Once we got to the pumpkin field, I set about trying to arrange the few least moldy pumpkins into a group to take a picture.

This was the best I could do...

Once we got Michael out of his carseat and next to the pumpkins he was SO not ready to be awake!!!

We headed over to the hayride area and got to take the hayride all by ourselves! It was a Tuesday afternoon and the place was pretty much empty!

I love this picture of Michael holding his Daddy's hand. I often joke that my son reminds me of a labrador puppy, growing into it's paws... his hands and feet seem SO big to me!

After the hayride, we headed back to the pumpkins to try to take a better picture, hoping Michael was a little more awake.

Not so much...

I thought this area looked cute with the little red wagon abandoned in the background. But Michael wasn't sitting up very well on his own.

Here's what happens when you give Daddy the camera and ask him to take a picture of you with the baby sitting on a pumpkin...

There were quite a few animals on the farm, too.

We'll have to make it a tradition to head to this same pumpkin patch each year, and watch our little boy grow.

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Sorry for the overabundance of pictures! It was hard for me to narrow them down.
Happy Fall!

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Here we go again...

With his FIVE month birthday knocking on the door, I figured it was about time to post his FOUR month photo shoot!

Seriously.... does anyone know how to SLOW down the clock???

He absolutely LOVES his "horsie friend"! Everytime we walk into his room he lights up with the biggest smile and reaches out to touch him. Even if he's fussy he always manages to crack a smile for his horse. It is so sweet.

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

THREE months... (and a few weeks)

We have had a VERY busy month!

I did this photo shoot on my son's three month bithday, on the 7th of September... however I only uploaded the photos today.

Anyhow... here is our little guy at THREE months!

Smiling away

Using those abs to lift himself forward (most often practiced in his carseat these days).

Leaning over....

Oops, gotta work on that balance!

Just in case you missed months one or two.

I've gotten a few requests from friends to purchase the monthly bodysuits for their little ones, I'm hoping to add them to my ETSY shop soon.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Cute closet dividers

When I was pregnant with my son, I searched for tutorials on making cute little closet dividers. We were "team green" however, so I waited until after he was born to complete this project. I LOVE his nursery, but figured there was enough green. :)

They are used to seperate the different sizes of clothes in his closet. Since my "little guy" was nearly 10 pounds at birth and I returned ALL of the newborn sized clothes I had purchased for him (thank goodness I only washed two pairs of jammies, everything else still had the tags!) I didn't make a NB divider!
I basically followed this tutorial.

I couldn't for the life of me find the right sized wooden O's at any of my local craft stores. I did however realize that Hobby Lobby sells them online! Major score!

I decided to go all "boy" and painted them blue.

I then traced the Os onto scrapbook paper and cut out. (I didn't do the best job of this.)

Using my cricut (which seems so "last year"... I'd love a silhouette, but can't justify it) I cut out the sizes for each O on blue vinyl.

To hang on your closet rod simply lift out the rod and slide the dividers on, then start organizing clothes!

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