Thursday, July 7, 2011

ONE Month

We hit a big milestone in our house today... little man turned ONE month old! I seriously cannot believe how quickly this past month FLEW by!

I've always loved when people take pictures of their little ones with a stuffed animal each month of thier first year and watch how the child grows. I found this stuffed horse at a Home Goods back in May. I knew it would be the perfect photo prop for our little one.

My husband works in the horse racing industry, and I instantly knew what I'd do for each month... make our little one a bodysuit to coordinate with the colors of the saddle cloths in horse racing! For example... the "1" horse will always be red with a white "1".

Thus, the inspiration for the custom bodysuit.

This last picture was on his changing table... where we seem to get the most smiles out of him!

I am looking forward to creating new bodysuits with each passing month and watching our little man grow... I just hope the next month takes a little longer to pass!!!

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