Monday, November 21, 2011

Five Months and we have


Michael's first tooth popped out on October 22nd. A date I'll always remember, because it's my father's birthday! His second tooth broke through two days later. Poor guy has been trying to maintain his cheerful personality through all of the pain. It breaks my heart.

I continue to make monthly bodysuits to match the saddlecloth colors and numbers of the horses... in case you missed the "why" - check out this post.

Here are the pictures from his FIVE month photo shoot.

Daddy tried to prevent the toppling....

He LOVES being on his tummy!

This picture could either be captioned "Who me?" or... "Could I get a little privacy mom???"


Loving the big wet open mouth kisses we are getting these days. Except when he leaned in to give me a "kiss" on my nose and BIT DOWN.... OUCHIE!!! Not so cute.

We also started "solids" a few weeks ago. So far Michael has had oatmeal, bananas, and sweet potatoes.

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