Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nursery Beginnings...

After tons of research I decided on this set, named Bella, from JCPenneys. I really fell in love with it.

We had it shipped to the store for free and picked it up this afternoon. Let me tell you, the boxes were HUGE! I drive a mid-sized SUV, and there's no way anything would have fit into my car! Fortunately one of my husband's buddies had been over at the house helping us with a few other projects, and I asked if he could give us a hand, and the use of his mini-van. The store was about 3 miles away from the house, and I figured between our two cars it would be a quick trip! Boy was I wrong!!

The box for the changing table appeared to have some damage but I didn't think that it looked like it was in an area that could have caused harm to the item. Well... again, proved wrong! Once home, the changing table was pretty banged up! One of the drawers was actually shoved further inside than it should have been, and a few screws seemed to have popped out. Not to mention the nicks and scratches on each of the drawers and one corner of the top. I immediately called the store, and the manager is supposed to call me back on Monday. I am hoping that they do the right thing and have it picked up and ship me a new one to my home. I can't imagine having to lug the damaged one back to the store and wait until the new one comes in and going through finding someone to help us get it back to the house, again!

Fingers crossed that JCPenneys customer service steps up and corrects the problem!

The dresser and changing table both came fully assembled, all we had to do was move the drawer pulls from the inside to the outside.

I'm planning on sewing my own bedding, and am waiting for one of my fabrics to come in, but I promise to show my progress as I go.

My husband and I also are doing the crown moulding ourselves in the baby's room. Neither of us have ever done this before, so it should be a fun project! :)
I have been searching and searching for good tutorials to help with this project, I may try to put together a user friendly one. (If we both survive in one piece!) I know I've mentioned it before, but many of the walls in our house, built in 1928, are covered in plaster. Needless to say we are sure to be getting very friendly with painters caulk because of the lovely "english muffin" texture on the walls! I love the character it adds to our home, but painting it proved a challenge. I can only imagine what fun the moulding will be.

Once we have the moulding project is complete, we'll be putting the crib together. It's currently sitting in it's (undamaged) box in the middle of the family room.

I can't wait to see the room all put together! I do feel like it's all happening so fast, but when we (my mom) first placed the order, the set was supposed to be on backorder until the end of February! I guess it's better for it to be here sooner rather than later, while I still have energy and can help.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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