Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sweet Shower

Last weekend, two of my closest girlfriends from college hosted my baby shower in California. They are both incredibly talented and creative women who love to plan parties and events. The day was absolutely perfect!

Before the shower, my sister had emailed everyone asking them to bring a photo of them with their kids (or a picture of themselves with me, if they weren't a mom) and she is putting together a little scrapbook with these photos and each woman's "advice on motherhood". This picture shows my mom and her friend along with my girlfriends working on their individual scrapbook pages. It is going to be such a wonderful keepsake for me and the baby!

My sister also put this fingerprint/wall hanging tree together. Each guest put their fingerprint on one of the branches as a "leaf" and then she added their name around the fingerprint. (I'm planning to pick up a few more shades of green ink, and do this again at my NY shower in a few weeks!)

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These were seriously the BEST cupcakes!

Again, a HUGE Thank You to Michelle & Christa for honoring me and the baby with such a beautiful shower! It was such an intimate and special day. Living 3000 miles away from my family and childhood & college friends can definitely be tough, but I am so blessed to still have such close relationships with so many wonderful women!

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