Wednesday, June 1, 2011

June 1st is finally here!

Well... today is our "offical" due date!

Each morning, the first thing my husband does is change the date on this little wooden calendar. A few years ago, I brought my husband with me on an Amsterdam layover over Valentine's Day weekend. The hotel we stayed at was in The Hauge and we took a train to Delft and this was the souvenir we brought home.

I thought I'd share some of the "completed" nursery pictures, too. All we need to add now is our little one!

This is the adorable fingerprint tree that my sister made for my shower in California. I had my NY friends and family add their fingerprints to it at my NY shower. I LOVE it!

This lavender sachet was a gift from my sister years ago, and it matches the baby's room so well!

I found this stuffed horse at HomeGoods. I plan to use it in the monthly pictures of the baby to see how quick the little one is growing. Since my husband works in the horse racing industry and all... I found it very fitting. Stay tuned for future posts... I just may have to make little outfits for each month, too!

Here's a good close up of the bumpers I made.

My mom knitted the baby a blanket, hat, and duckie... too cute, right??

I love all of the natural lighting this room gets. However, I did sew a heavy duty blackout curtain lining to the back of the Roman shade I made. We also have a pull down blackout roller shade behind it, too. The sun won't be what wakes up this little one, that's for sure!!

And... last but not least... this was taken this morning. Fourty weeks pregnant! Honestly, as sick as I was the first, hmmmm, five months of this pregnancy I feel pretty good!

Happy June! Looking forward to meeting our little JuneBug soon!
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  1. Sweet, calm and beautiful nursery!