Thursday, May 20, 2010

Going green with party signs

I've been working on baby shower party signs, and Happy Birthday signs, too. They are made out of fabric and can be used again and again! How very earth friendly, right? I haven't finished the birthday one yet, but here's a peak at the baby shower one... it's reversible! One side is in pink and brown central park toile, and says "It's A Girl" the other is in blue and brown central park toile, and says "It's A Boy!" - I had to put the exclamation point on the Boy side to have an equal number of flags. I cut the triangles 6" by 6" and then embroidered one letter per flag. Then I connected the two flags together on my serger using a rolled hem with wooly nylon. Then connected each flag together using a pre-made cream double fold binding.

I'm linking this little project to I Made It on Everything Etsy.

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